Our Story

At Zona's, we put family first.  It's in our roots, after all.  My grandmother was raised in Naples, Italy, and learned to cook as a girl in the rustic kitchen of the family home, where a pinch of herbs or a swirl of sauce could mean the difference between a plain supper and a savory banquet.

She later arrived in America to begin a new life for herself and her family.  It wasn't easy.  She worked washing clothes in the heart of Boston for many years.  But there was always food on the table, food like you wouldn't believe, crafted from unwritten recipes carried clear across the ocean in my grandmother's head, heart, and hands.

When my father was old enough, he got a job shining shoes.  But he had a way with food, just as my grandmother did.  He began working at the Italian kitchen on Shrewsbury Street, a venue known for its down to earth style and authentic flavors.  This is the world I was raised in, a place of warmth, hospitality, and homemade recipes kept alive for generations through the tight bonds of family.  Opening a restaurant was simply the next step.

I'm proud to continue my family's story.  Great food isn't great because of flavor alone.  Food is great when it brings people together and inspires community.  In this way, a meal is more than just a meal.  It is a time of bonding, an event to be enjoyed and shared.  Trust me when I say Zona's is about family.  It always has been and always will be.  And I invite you to become part of ours.  Stop by and experience the authentic difference.

Zona's.  Family first.